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Dudeck Tennis offers everything tennis including lessons, camps, and mental game training. Specializing the tennis psychology, Dudeck Tennis offers seminars, programs and classes to get players performing their best on the court. In addition, Dudeck Tennis has an annual tennis camp in Hawaii. 

Mental Game

Learn how to organize your thoughts and emotions on the court in order to not only enjoy yourself, but also play your best tennis.


Hawaii Tennis Camp

Join Dudeck Tennis for a great week of tennis, sunshine and a lot of fun on the Big Island of Hawaii 

How do I play my best tennis:
Enjoyment & Enthusiasm

Expectations and anxiety, thoughts about past and future, keep us from being present and playing the way we want to play.

What "should" is holding me back?

How much of my value is placed in being a good tennis player?

What do I want from tennis?

What story do I tell about myself?


Your attitude coming into a match can be a huge factor in your performance. How you mentally prepare before stepping onto the court matters a great deal. 


While tennis is a highly technical sport, many times players forget that engaging with their athleticism and making it a priority keeps them from playing well or even enjoying the game.  


As much as I love to allow the individual have their own style, it is important to have proper technique. Whatever technique  someone uses it will be ingrained in them, good or bad. Every time you don’t use proper technique you take away the chance of you being more consistent in the future.


The majority of errors come because of poor body control. If you build a house on a hill, don’t tell me something is wrong with the second floor if you haven’t built a level foundation. Many players have bad posture or are using incorrect stances when they hit, which is the main culprit of errors. 


Practicing the serve is one of the easiest ways to improve your game. Most every other area of hitting practice needs another player or a coach. Too many players take lesson, clinics and play matches, but don’t take the time before or after they play to practice their serves.


 Your day to day diet and what you consume on match days are vital to your performance on the court. What are body needs for high performance can be vastly different than what has been widely accepted over the past 20 years.


How a parent coaches their child can obviously greatly affect their performance. The coach, junior, and parent need to be a team and on the same page and work together towards solutions that best fit the juniors game. 


Making goals are very important for deciding how much training is necessary. After that, goals can be more harmful than helpful. A lot of times if a goal is met, it doesn’t fulfill the desire of the player, and if it’s not met, then the time on court can be construed as a waste.

Why is the mental game so important?

Ask any player how important the mental game is in tennis and the typical answer is that is everything, or the most important part of the game. If that’s the case why is it that most of those same players spend little to no time working on being mentally stronger on the court?

Play for Yourself

If we follow our anxiety it usually leads to trying to impress or not let down someone else.

Who are you?

You might not be able to say you win all of the time, but you can be someone who always goes for their shots.

Try to Win

Trying to win isn’t the problem. It’s the fear of losing.

Every Day is a New Day

When you approach every match as it’s on match you won’t be shocked if your best shot is terrible and your worst is great. 

What Helps You Focus

For some it’s staying calm and for others its letting the emotions out. Either way you have to determine what gets you back focused for the next point.


I believe tennis is a combination of mental, physical and technique. I think that all three areas are equally important. The problem is when a player focuses all or most of their energy into one. Also, I believe that when a player is on the court they should think of their game in the order of mental, physical, and then technique. Many try to work the other way, but when doing so continually get stuck in the technique realm. Making sure we are mentally sound, and then physically energized and balanced, will allow a clearer view of what technique changes need to be made.

Learn the steps you can take towards a better and more enjoyable tennis game.

There is a risk in choosing to open yourself to seeing your game in a different way. There’s a risk in the unknown of how this may affect your performance. It may feel easier to just keep doing things the same way. 

But there is a much greater risk in not doing anything and waking up years later with same issues preventing you from enjoying all tennis has to offer.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!